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Solutions Tailored To Our Customers’ Needs

Our Marketing & Services department is developing its activities in line with several of our company’s objectives. We aim to maintain our commercial competitiveness, consolidate our position in a maturing region and step up our expansion in a growing market.

We continuously adapt our high-profile, assertive product and services through innovation and a clear understanding of the specific needs of our broad array of customers, who include consumers, industrial organizations and manufacturing industries.

  • Solutions Tailored to the Needs of our Customers

Our Upstream Oil & Gas Logistics services provides dedicated support all the way from exploration through to oilfield development, using our core competencies in supply chain, offshore and waste management services complemented by a portfolio of integrated shipping, logistics and marine solutions.

We serve leading national and international oil companies with oilfield- services and equipment, offering solutions across the entire oil and gas value chain. We can assist our clients to develop strategies to manage risk, optimize their operations, and improve performance by offering tailored solutions that will meet all their requirements.

Setting the right operating strategy is critical to achieving consistent profitability. We continually assess the downstream market to identify strategic opportunities and build capabilities in advanced analytics and fact-based problem solving to boost our agility, confidence, and maintain competitive edge.

  • Sound operating principles
  • Maintaining high Health Safety and environmental standards.


Supply & Trading

GAIA PTE LTD manages supply, trading and logistics for a wide range of products, including refined petrochemicals, feed stocks, road construction products, distributed and sold through our marketing system..

Our Trading department markets natural gas to wholesale and large consumers, such as utility and industrial customers and pipeline operators GAIA PTE LTD aim is to rank among the leading marketers of natural gas in Asia.

An Integrated Approach to Increasing Value in the Downstream Oil and Petrochemical services whilst supplying your energy needs

Marine Support

Oil & Gas drives our economy. Energy derived from it lights homes, fuels vehicles and powers industries. Getting that energy to consumers is one thing, providing upstream supply and support services for the exploration,  development and extraction processes is another.

GAIA PTE LTD meets those needs by integrating every individual customer’s upstream supply chain requirements with bespoke logistics solutions Integrated offshore and marine value chain services provider.

GAIA PTE LTD specializes in marine logistics and support services, with tailored expertise and a proven track record in the offshore oil and gas energy industries

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